Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy


1 - Cancellation & Refund

1.1 Cancellation by Buyer

1.1.1 On “Payment Made” status, A Buyer may cancel the Order without HLY’s approval at any time before the status on the Platform is changed to “Order Confirmed”.

1.1.2 Before the delivery of a Product, a Buyer may cancel the purchase where the status on the Platform is stated as “Order Confirmed” with HLY’s approval at any time when the “Cancellation” link is available.

1.1.3 When HLY accepts the cancellation request, the order would be cancelled immediately. The refund would be initiated automatically by the system. If HLY rejects the cancellation request, the order will be processed accordingly.

1.14 Once a Product has been prepared, the Order status will be changed to “Ready to Ship”. The Order cannot be cancelled at this point, and any cancellation will need to be made via the return process as set out in Clause 2 of this Policy. In this event, the Buyer shall not use the Product and shall not damage the Product, failing which the Buyer shall bear the costs for any consumption of, wear and tear, or damage caused to the Product.


1.2 - Cancellation by HLY

1.2.1 A Merchant may cancel an Order before it is shipped out in the following events:

(a) inadequate stock to fulfil the order;

(b) unreasonable delay in sourcing of the product; or

(c) the product was wrongly priced.

1.2.2  In such instances, the Buyer:

(a) will be notified of the HLY’s cancellation via the Platform; and

(b) will be entitled to a full refund of the payment made in relation to the cancelled order.


2 - Returns and Refunds

2.1 Entitlement for Refund

2.1.1 A Buyer may request a refund of a Product within seven (7) Business Days after the Product is delivered to. the Buyer subject to Return Policy in the following situations:

(a) Product is defective. A Product is deemed defective if the Product:

(i) is unfit for its intended use;

(ii) not fit to be consumed;

(iii) has a defective design;

(iv) is defectively assembled or manufactured;

(v) is dangerous or harmful for normal use;

(vi) is damaged; and/ or

(vii) wrongly delivered

(b) Product does not comply with description. A Product does not correspond with the description if the Product:

(i) is materially different from the description placed by HLY; 

(ii) has missing parts; and/or 

(iii) is missing items promised (such as free gifts).

2.1.2 A Buyer’s request for a return of a Product shall be subject to HLY’s approval. HLY is entitled to reject such request by the Buyer.

2.1.3 Pursuant to this Policy, a Buyer is entitled to only one (1) return per shipment unless stated.

2.1.4 HLY may have the right to reject upfront the Buyer’s request for a refund in the following circumstances:
(a) the Product delivered is damaged due to causes attributable to the Buyer;

(b) the value of the Product has been significantly reduced due to the use or partial consumption by the Buyer;

(c) the original packaging of a Product is damaged;

(d) where a Buyer’s complaints of compatibility issues for a Product sold by a Merchant, where such issues have been clearly, and adequately, listed and described in the Product page by HLY; and/or

2.1.5 If a Buyer requests for a refund of a Product without the existence of any of the circumstances described in Clause 2.1.1, for example where the Buyer changes their mind, the Buyer’s request for refund shall be subject to HLY’s approval. If HLY approves such request for a refund (whether a full refund or a partial refund), any costs incurred to deliver the Product back to HLY shall be borne by the Buyer, which may be directly offset against the refund of the amount due to the Buyer.

2.1.6 Eligibility of Product Return.

Products which are eligible and those which are exempt for returns.

3 - Process for Returns And Refunds

3.1 Standard Process

3.1.1 The standard process for refund of the Products shall be as follows:

(a) The Buyer submits request for refund of the product through the Platform;

(b) HLY will receive notification of such request;

(c) HLY must provide either a preliminary approval or rejection of the request within three (3) Calendar Days from the date of the notification;

(d) The Buyer shall initiate the return of the Product to HLY within three (3) Calendar Days from HLY’s approval;

(e) HLY shall assess and review the condition of the product returned;

(f) Based on the condition of the Product returned, HLY shall provide either a confirmed approval or rejection of the refund of the Product; and

3.1.2 A request shall, at the first instance, be made directly to HLY via the “Return Request” button on the. “My Orders” screen in the Platform. The Buyer must submit all evidence to support the request through the Buyer’s Return Request page section on the Platform. The processing of the request may be delayed, or unable to be completed, in the event the Buyer does not wish to provide any evidence, or where the Buyer provides insufficient evidence to support the request, as may be reasonably requested by HLY.

3.1.3 A Buyer must submit the request within the following time frame:

(a) for a Product that has been successfully delivered: within seven (7) Calendar Days from the Order’s successful delivery date;

(b) for a Product that has not been delivered: within fourteen (14) Calendar Days from the date the payment was made for the Product;

3.1.4 HLY will not entertain any request for refund where the request is made beyond the time frame stated above.

3.1.5 In this Policy, “Business Day” means a day other than Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and on which banks are open for business.

3.1.6 HLY will issue Full Refund via Direct Bank Transfer for Buyer's Approved "request for Refund" within 3 - 5 Working Days.