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Frequently Asked Questions

You may search for HLY Ocean Aquaculture on Waze/Google: Jalan Batu Maung, Kampung Batu Maung, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Customer can assemble at the pier in front of SamPoGong Temple.

Everyone can group up at the pier at 5pm, and our boat will take everyone to the fishing ground in batches of 12 .The last travelling hour for the boat will be 7:00p.m.

We have Pork-free here.

We serve the dishes in set and the waiter will serve the food directly to your table. Food/Drinks can be ordered unlimitedly EXCEPT Crabs.

Customers must ensure that said pets does not attack/interfere with other customers and its hygiene must be taken care of.

In case of emergency, the person in charge can be notified to change the date. If you want to change the date or increase/decrease the number of people, you need to inform the person in charge in advance.

There are several occasions, for example, customers who are seated outdoors will have their reservations canceled due to extreme weathers e.g., Rainy days. Or in the event of seasonal big waves of fish farms, it is not suitable to visit and other emergencies. A refund or change of date will be made for the customer.

Yes, our fish are freshly caught and vacuum-packed. In addition to the fresh price, it is also preferential.

Sorry, as fishing is not allowed here

Sometimes there’s too much messages in traffic so we can’t respond right away. So, we thank you for your patience for waiting, we will definitely reply your message when we get to it.

Yes, as long as the number of people meets the standard, we can arrange it.

Yes, but you will have to inform the person in charge in advance as we have to prepare for your arrival.

Any unanswered enquiries, please feel free to call/ask...
Our person in charge by WhatsApp.
Or on our official website
Simply fill in your request or question with remark on the appointment page.
Thank you!